Acne Treatment Programs and the Causes of Acne

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It is widely accepted that acne is the end result of hormonal imbalances within the body. Teen acne, acne during pregnancy or menstruation have a clear link to times when the body has these irregularities in play. As for acne beyond the teen years, in men or even in women that are not expecting, the hormonal association is there but is not so evident.

The actual question to be answered at this juncture is in what way the hormonal irregularities happen exterior to these rather noticeable times.

There are on the whole three topics that may be isolated as being the cause of acne and can lead to an effective acne treatment program. Not one is a single origin in themselves. Every one has a correlation to the others bringing about a kind of downhill spiral of acne outbreaks.

1. What you eat

Quite frequently what you eat is discounted as a cause of acne. This has become widespread because of such acne myths as consuming white rice triggers acne. Alternately, that consuming sweets triggers acne. The trouble with these myths is that they generalize the topic so greatly that the truth is turned into a catchphrase rather than an explanation.

The reality is that certain foods do produce acne but they do not cause acne by themselves. Various foods are not handled well by the body or set off unfavorable reactions in the body in the presence of stress or at the moment the person is in a condition of hormonal imbalance. Which is why a number of people can eat all the incorrect things and still not get acne. However others eat just the tiniest quantity of something and they breakout within minutes.

Also inside this category is the problem of artificial food additives and hormones to food stock animals. It might not be YOUR hormones that are the trouble; it may possibly be the hormones in the animal protein or dairy goods you are eating.

It is not diet alone that initiates acne. It is diet acting with the emotional condition of the individual and the hormonal state of the individual that brings about acne.

2. Hormones and Acne

Hormones are acknowledged as the source of acne yet this too is not completely true.

For example, you consume fast food and nothing but fast food each day. That food is packed with oils, carbohydrates and sugars that are understood to be bad for you and cause acne. Your colleague eats the same items however gets no acne. You get acne... why?

There exist two possibilities actually. Firstly, you have a hormonal imbalance existing that hinders your body from assimilating the food correctly resulting in further acne outbreaks.

Alternately, the food itself causes a hormonal imbalance leading to acne outbreaks. As you can see they are each intertwined and we still have one more to go!

3. Stress and Emotional Points

A great deal has been expounded upon on the subject of the effects of stress and emotion as being a key trigger of acne. Yet again, this is not wholly valid.

The consequence of stress or undesirable emotion will be a disturbance to your body's usual functions. So from that we can conclude that the stress will cause hormonal imbalance and that will result in acne.

However we can flip the coin on that as well. If you already have a hormonal imbalance then your body will not be performing right. This leads to perceptions of stress or emotional upsets. That in turn leads toward added hormonal disturbance and results in acne. It runs either way!

In effect these three components are absolutely and inseparably interrelated. Your acne issue is quite individual to you, your everyday life and your body. There actually can be no one size fits all acne treatment for the reason that your acne is the only one of it's kind.

The most effective acne treatment is a program that takes into account the three sources of acne and their association on each other. It must additionally acknowledge in what way these three elements are functioning within you as an individual.